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Global Leader In Trailer Axle & Chassis Supply

DexKo Global Inc was formed at the end of 2015 combining Dexter, a leading designer and manufacturer of trailer axles, brakes and related components in North America and AL-KO Vehicle Technology (“VT”), a European designer and manufacturer of trailer axles, trailer and caravan components, chassis and motorized chassis. The combination of these two companies create a global leader in the trailer axle and chassis supply industry with over 130 years of trailer and caravan componentry experience and sales approaching nearly $1 billion. DexKo Global is majority owned by funds managed by The Sterling Group, an operationally-focused middle market private equity firm based in Houston, Texas. A strategic staff of executives will manage DexKo out of Novi, Michigan with a focus on leveraging the resources of the combined companies.

The enhanced scale, operating leverage and capital efficiencies align DexKo as a market leader for product development and innovation. The scale and diversity of DexKo Global will result in improved customer service through the sharing of technology and best practices, increased manufacturing flexibility, and global sourcing. DexKo Global’s ongoing focus will be profitable growth across its entire footprint through outstanding customer service, product quality and innovation, operational efficiencies and accretive acquisitions. DexKo Global will maintain the same commitment to unparalleled customer service and product quality that the market has come to trust in both Dexter and AL-KO VT.