Why Choose DSC

/Why Choose DSC
  • Continually monitors trailer / caravan yaw – uses similar technology to that used in automotive stability control systems.
  • Corrects sway more quickly as system reacts as soon as sway begins.
  • Controls left and right brakes separately, resulting in quicker sway correction.
  • Sway control braking level is automatically varied (not preset), based on the severity of the sway – smoother response.
  • Closed loop feedback. Adjusts braking voltage to correct more smoothly and efficiently.
  • One size fits all. No calibration, van weighing etc. THE DSC can be STOCKED.
  • Will adjust automatically to varying loads (e.g. Tanks full versus Tanks empty). -thus braking settings are optimum, independent of vehicle mass.
  • Auto-Off-road system disable/re-enable (no need to disconnect in off road conditions).
  • No need to rewire tow vehicle – powered from caravan battery saves owner $.
  • 2 year limited warranty.
  • CIL 10% insurance discount.