The Dexter M35 Light weight tube axle is a sophisticated modern axle. It is aimed at reducing weight through modern engineering with high quality tube steel, whilst boasting superior strength through forged stubs. The M35 provides a 1590kg carrying capacity per axle and is easily maintained with the Dexter exclusive “E-Z Lube” feature as standard. It is increasingly popular with manufacturers looking to deliver optimum performance whilst minimising weight and lowering maintenance costs. All these features come at a value for money price.

  • Forged stub axle delivers maximum strength with E-Z Lube feature as standard for ease of maintenance
  • High quality steel tube lowers weight without sacrificing load capacity
  • Multi-fit flange allows for freedom of choice between drum & disc brakes

Comparing tht M35 tube axle to a solid beam axle in tandem configuration weight saving is approximately 48Kg, or 24Kg per axle

What is E-Z Lube?

The E-Z Lube system consists of axle spindles that have been specially drilled and assembled with grease fittings. With grease pumped into the fitting, it is channelled to the inner bearing, then to the outer bearing, and eventually back out the grease cap hole for a complete bearing repack. The protection and maintenance features of the E-Z Lube system make it ideal for most towable axles. E-Z Lube is designed to allow for immersion in water.