Can I have DSC on my old RV

/Can I have DSC on my old RV
To help with this question we have gathered commonly asked questions about this topic. If you have a question not listed below please feel free to contact us to discuss whether or not you are able to have DSC installed

Q: Can I have DSC retro fitted to my caravan?

A: In most cases yes, provided the caravan has electric brakes and a power supply is available. In most cases, DSC is wired to the caravan battery (this means no need to have your tow vehicle wired for additional power supply). The DSC must only be fitted by a certified installer.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Generally around $1500, this includes the DSC unit & installation. Any other issues like incorrect existing wiring or brake service parts would be additional. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a quote from your nearest certified installer.

Q: Can I buy a DSC and install it myself?

A: No. The DSC must be obtained and installed through a certified installer.

Q: Where is my nearest certified installer?

A: DSC is support nationwide. Please contact us to locate your nearest certified installer

Q: Do I need a power supply from my tow vehicle?

A: Not necessarily, DSC can be powered from a caravan battery. The draw from the unit is very minimal so there should be no issue with the DSC draining your battery if in good condition. If there is power supply onboard the tow device, a power supply will need to come from the tow vehicle.

Q: How long will it take to fit DSC to my van?

A: Generally the job is completed & tested in about 2 hours.

Q: Is my brake controller compatible with DSC?

A: DSC is compatible with the list below and have been tested with the DSC by a Melbourne Trailer & Caravan Supplies technician

Brake Controllers tested with The Dexter Sway Control

Dexter DX-2 Predator
Tekonsha Prodigy
Tekonsha Prodigy RF
Tekonsha P2
Tekonsha P3
Tekonsha Primus IQ
Tekonsha Voyager **
Hayman Reese Compact
Hayman Reese Sentinel
GSL RBC-12**
Dodge Integrated
GM Integrated
Redarc Tow Pro **
RedarcEB **
Hayman Reese Guardian IQ
Hayes Energize III
Hayes Genesis
Ford Integrated

All DSC units with serial number T1A1530001A1 and above have an integral load resistor. Thus, no external load resistor is required for any of the listed controllers. For DSC units with earlier serial number’s a load resistor is required for the Brake controllers marked **, please contact us for more information.

Q: Is my tow vehicle trailer mitigation system going to cause trouble?

A: DSC operates independently of any tow vehicle systems other than the in car brake controller. DSC will not conflict or disrupt a tow vehicle mitigation or trailer sway control system.

Q: I have independent suspension, is that going to cause trouble?

A: No, DSC has been approved for existing independent suspension systems

Q: Do I need a specific brake & suspension?

A: No, as long as the components are in good operating order.

Q: Does DSC work on Single, Tandem or Triaxle?

A: Yes to all.DSC when installed correctly, will operate all braked axles

Q: Do I still need my mechanical sway bars?

A: Firstly let’s make sure we are talking about the same subject. Mechanical sway bars are different to load leveling bars.

Mechanical sway bars are not going to cause a conflict or problem with DSC but should be decided by the operator whether they are necessary or not based on their individual needs as a driver.

Load leveling bars or weight distribution bars do a different job all together. Load leveling bars are used to address the angle between the tow vehicle& tow device. A caravan must always be loaded correctly with the correct ball weight and load level bars or weight distribution bars should still be fitted if required. Using a combination of DSC& these devices will not cause a conflict or problem.

Q: Can I go off road with DSC?

A: Yes, DSC has a built-in sensor to detect vertical movement which will automatically alter the unit to “off-road mode” when the vertical movement is sufficient enough. The DSC will automatically return to normal operation once it senses the extreme vertical movement has ceased.

Unsealed roads with slight corrugation should result in the DSC continuing to operate in normal mode, However, more extreme conditions like “rock hopping” will engage “off-road mode”

River crossings are not an issue as the DSC is fully sealed. Highly pressurized water should not be sprayed directly at the unit.

Q: Can I transfer my DSC when I upgrade my RV?

A: Yes, provided the upgrade has electric brakes and the work is performed by a certified installer. However, the DSC can add value to your resale so you may elect to leave it for the next owner and have a new DSC fitted to your upgrade.

Q: Can I have DSC fitted to my hydraulic brake system?

A: No, DSC is an electrical device that only works with electric brakes. Electronic over hydraulic is not supported either.